Hello, my name is Tom

My name is Tom. I was born in 1995 in Hengelo, just a short bike-ride away from the University. In 2017 I received my bachelor degree in Industrial Design and since then I follow the master’s programme of Industrial Design Engineering. Within my study programme, I follow the track that focusses on my academic interests called Human Technology Relations. I am interested in how products impact human emotions and actions and vice versa. Therefore, although I study Industrial Design, architecture always caught my interest because environments have large impacts on people. I also like photography, graphic design, philosophy and grocery shopping in foreign countries.
I use my sketching, creativity, storytelling and other practical design skills to create valuable and thoughtful concepts. From idea to prototype, from sketch to product and anything in between.
As of April 2020 I am writing my graduation thesis.
If you have any good ideas that you want to discuss, have questions or anything else: contact me by sending an email to tomfeij@gmail.com