Hello, my name is Tom

My name is Tom Feij (1995)  and I achieved his master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering in July of 2021 on the subject of designing meaningful consumer products in the fourth industrial revolution. I am interested in the influence of design on humans and how humans and technological products interact. Design can play an important role in the human experience in a world dominated by increasingly complex technologies. I would like to find out more about that. Besides, I am also interested in photography, graphic design and grocery shopping in foreign countries.
I want to use my sketching, creativity, storytelling and other practical design skills to create value and meaning for people. From idea to prototype, from sketch to product and anything in between.
As of August 2021 I am starting a new job at the University of Twente teaching various courses in Industrial Design Engineering.
If you have any good ideas that you want to discuss, have questions or anything else: contact me by sending an email to tomfeij@gmail.com