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Digital Sketches

Drawing random products every once in a while is a good way to practice sketching digitally. Here is some experimenting with shiny materials such as copper and chrome. Both took approximately fourty-five minutes to an hour.

Design sketching doodles

Although not a finished product, these sketchy doodles always have some kind of nice aesthetic, in my opinion. They were all made during lectures of Design Sketching 1, a drawing course for first year ID-students for which I am a teaching assistant. I used these sketches to clarify the principles of the lectures (perspective, shading, …

Sketches on paper

Yes, it still exists: sketching on paper. Every year, I have a part time job as a teaching assistant for Design Sketching 1 for ID students and Sketching for CreaTe for students that follow the Creative Technology programme. For many students these courses mark the beginning of their sketching-lives. During the courses they learn the …